Love Is a Tricky Thing

This song speaks for itself. 

Love is a tricky thing
As soon as you think you've got it you realize it's gone
And when you think you're close enough to it
You know it's been far too long

I've read many times that love is patient, love is kind
I've often heard that love only grows over time
But why does my experience tell me not to put it all on the line for love

Love is a tricky thing
'Cause you are all I've been looking for but you're not what I need
I could've sworn we were meant to be
But you cannot convince me

No you're not for me
Not this time

Love is a tricky thing
Today I made up my mind to just move on with life
And to leave it all behind
Then all my resolve to let it go went right out the window
Went right out the window

Love is a tricky thing
Do I turn off my thoughts and then erase my dreams
Turn back to the way things used to be
Close this chapter of my life and say goodbye
I don't want to say goodbye

But I want to say goodbye
Until next time

Love is a tricky thing
As soon as I thought I had it I realized it's gone
And as soon I grabbed onto it
It slipped through my fingers

(c) Catherine Song 2007