Fear Song (I Will Be Free)

I'm still singing this song in my heart...

It's so much easier to live an ordinary life
I'll play it safe and drown in the 9 to 5
I remember days of bigger thoughts, hopes and dreams
I'm waking up to find they're barely alive in me

Now I'm trapped inside the walls of routine
Trying to survive without questioning

*I won't let this fear grab a hold of me
Now that I know it's been paralyzing me
Someday I'll take a chance on opportunity
I will be free

I often find myself entertaining all that could be
But when it comes to living it out I am nowhere to be seen
What is the difference between life and death and what I believe
'Cause I feel like I'm living to die instead of dying to live

Somewhere I have stopped being fully alive
But I'm not giving up another chance on life

(c) Catherine Song 2007